Hypoallergenic carpet cleaning and bleach free pressure washing services in Milton Georgia. Serving surrounding areas from Atlanta to Winder Georgia with affordable value and quality results. Your satisfaction guaranteed or pay nothing!


"Do you guys empty your re-claimed waste water on the job site?"

Nope, we have a 100 gallon waste tank we empty in accordance with regulations, away from your home. No emptied water on your lawn ever. Our pre-spray however is biodegradable, leaving our reclaimed water to actually be quite an effective fertilizer!

"The last guy that cleaned our carpets left and the stain came back after a couple days, why is this and can you guys fix it?"

We sure can fix it. The wiccing of the stain is due to too much water flushing the spot and forcing the soils below the surface or into the padding. We utilize a sub-surface extractor for the really bad ones to get the saturated stain out of the padding once and for all. Most of our competitors use sub par technique and inadequate machines lacking in the necessary strength to fully extract some foreign soils in a timely manner, but we know better!

"Do you use bleach to wash homes? The last guys killed my plants and grass. I was not so happy about that."

No bleach or sodium hypochlorite is used when you call us. We utilize eco-friendly alternatives for your homes exterior. Enzyme pre-sprays and peroxide treatments easily remove dirt, fungus, and other grime from your home and won't kill your plants. Bleach should never be used, and we are the only ones around who don't!