Hypoallergenic carpet cleaning and bleach free pressure washing services in Milton Georgia. Serving surrounding areas from Atlanta to Winder Georgia with affordable value and quality results. Your satisfaction guaranteed or pay nothing!

Interior Floor Cleaning

Before and after hardwood floor cleaning and laminate floor cleaning by Grime Reapers Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

When you mop your floors you are leaving behind a layer of residue each time that tracks grime. This dirt stuck on your hard floors gets tracked onto your carpet or rugs making your whole house feel dirty. While its important to clean your floors regularly, it does not substitute for the necessity of an annual professional clean. Our system involves a hypoallergenic enzyme cleaning agent and pure carbonated water to ensure no residue is left behind and dirt is fully broken down. We use our truckmount to extract all the cleaning agent, water, and dirt from your laminated, hardwood, tile, or other interior floors. A cleaning process you can't do with just a mop!

Importance of Residue Free Floors

Keeping cleaning solution residue to a minimum will have you surprised to find how much longer they stay clean. If you notice a cloudy film covering your laminate floors in your kitchen, you know what we are talking about. Grime Reapers however can remedy this problem with our self developed system that results in a residue free laminate floor cleaning service.


Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminated floors can't be wetted too much or else you risk separation from the backing. This can result in bubbles, wrinkles, and other unwanted flaws in your floors. The amount of water needed to rinse off the residue of standard house hold solutions is a risk, but without it the floors are not properly cleaned. Our laminate floor cleaning process involves pure water, enzymes for no residues, followed by extraction and a steam pad mop to fully remove all dirts and residues.