Hypoallergenic carpet cleaning and bleach free pressure washing services in Milton Georgia. Serving surrounding areas from Atlanta to Winder Georgia with affordable value and quality results. Your satisfaction guaranteed or pay nothing!

Exterior Concrete Cleaning

Driveway and exterior concrete pressure washing befor and after clean.

Your driveway and other exterior concrete cleaning needs are more complex than meets the eye. Most do it yourself driveway cleaners from a local hardware store contain sodium hypochlorite. That is the active ingredient in bleach, which gives it the whitening properties through oxidizing molecules structure. It is not a porous solution, your concrete is however, so the S.H. is only "whitening" the surface fungus it comes in contact with instead of killing the roots. It also leaves behind a residue that blocks out the suns U.V. rays resulting in faster reoccurring of fungus, that is why we choose enzymes and peroxide cleaning agents.

Grime Reapers Concrete Pressure Washing

Our enzyme boosted and peroxide cleaning mix is the superior solution for any exterior porous surface clean, especially your walk ways and patios! The enzymes break down the organic proteins to make them water soluble and easily pressure washed away. Peroxide sprayed down after the enzymes will help with the organic staining and get down to the roots to kill them unlike bleach cleaners can do. Also it will not harm your grass or contaminate storm drains with any toxic substances.

Environment Friendly Concrete Cleaners Atlanta Georgia

Keeping your home and business exterior presentation maintained is not only important for appeal, but the life span of your surfaces. Cleaning them requires inevitable contact of cleaning agents and nature. Most cleaners are bad for the ecosystem and get in the storm drains which is usually illegal. This is why we decided to find an eco-friendly alternative to the available products on the market, and only we use them! No dead vegetation, safe for commercial and residential use, highly effective results by Grime Reapers Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing. We also use the same concoction for our house washing services.