Hypoallergenic carpet cleaning and bleach free pressure washing services in Milton Georgia. Serving surrounding areas from Atlanta to Winder Georgia with affordable value and quality results. Your satisfaction guaranteed or pay nothing!

Low Pressure House Washing

Grime Reapers Cleaning offers house washing using low pressure cleaning with enzyme cleaning agents for the best results. Your home's siding should not be subjected to high pressure cleaning so to avoid risk of damage. While high pressure cleaning is not only inefficient, but unnecessary with all of the chemistry available. Chemicals alone won't always remove fungus, so agitation is usually necessary with a soft bristle brush similar to what we use in our process.

Pressure washing siding house washing with low pressure by Grime Reapers Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing.

Environment Friendly Power Washing

Grime Reapers Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing believes in protecting not only the environment, but your property as well. Unlike our competitors who use sodium hypochlorite, we use no bleach in our enzyme cleaners. Enzymes will help break down organic materials while the alcohol content in our mix will kill the fungus just as effective as bleach would.

Bleach Is Not A Cleaning Agent

The common misconception is bleach aids in cleaning dirt. However it has no chemical properties that contribute to breaking down dirts molecular bond, it also leaves a residue on your house if not fully rinsed. This is why we choose enzyme fortified cleaners for our house siding power washing systems.

Pressure washing house side by side comparison of low pressure cleaning using a brush by Grime Reapers Cleaning.